Are you a victim of the “Starving Artist” stereotype?

Are you a victim of the “Starving Artist” stereotype?

Breaking free from the “Starving Artist” stereotype is no easy feat. While it may seem romantic to suffer for your art, paying the bills with your creativity is a whole different ballgame. Selling your art online can be a game-changer, but it’s essential to approach it with a business mindset. Embrace your inner entrepreneur and show the world that artists can thrive, not just survive!

Getting to this stage is by far the hardest and in my case, it is definitely about discipline. If you are like me, you have previously been employed in some format or another. So take those principles of readying yourself for your daily work hours and apply a similar principle of starting your day working for yourself.

Set your alarm, get up and ready yourself for the day ahead of either marketing your art or producing your art. Importantly, start your day the way you would if you were working for a company. The difference is that it is your product and your source of income - so take this step very seriously!

I have some pointers I use that I will share in a later post.


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