Is your art getting lost in the online jungle?

Is your art getting lost in the online jungle?

Navigating the online art market can be challenging as thousands of artists compete for attention. It can feel overwhelming to stand out from the crowd. However, you have the power to rise above the noise by embracing your uniqueness, sharing your story and presenting your art in a visually captivating way. Don't worry, it's possible to make your mark despite the competition.

Wall Art Templates

At first, I tried to promote my art by flooding social media with it on various mockup templates that my Print on Demand production partners offer. But I soon realized that this wasn't enough to make me stand out. There are millions of artists competing for the same consumer's attention on these channels. To truly be unique, you need to create your own mockup templates.

There are different ways to create mockup templates, but I personally use Adobe Photoshop, which I learned from my graphic design background. I take the art I've created and place it into a frame that I've made, then superimpose it onto a background similar to the template. This allows customers to see how the art would look on different products like walls, t-shirts or throw pillows. If you can't afford an Adobe subscription, there are plenty of low-cost options for creating templates to showcase your art.

Below are a few products that can help:




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