Starting out! Selling your art online. The things they didn't tell you.

Starting out! Selling your art online. The things they didn't tell you.

Congratulations on diving into the world of online art selling! While this journey brims with creativity and self-expression, it also holds its share of challenges. Join me as I unravel the common pitfalls artists face in navigating the digital marketplace.

Herding Cats

Why does selling art online resemble herding cats? The internet's unpredictable nature often makes it seem like an uphill battle. One moment, confidently showcasing your masterpiece; the next, lost amidst a sea of captivating distractions. Staying focused amid online diversions is key to nurturing your artistic ambitions.

My experience, despite a graphic design background and modest marketing expertise, left me unprepared for the chaotic realm of online sales. Beware of the allure of YouTube "gurus" promising instant success. Contrary to the hype, the reality of achieving a lucrative Print on Demand store involves a long, arduous journey, fraught with frustration and anxiety.

Unveiling the unspoken truths about setting up a store or gallery, critical aspects have been left unaddressed by these "gurus."

This post shares my unique journey, offering insights instead of a step-by-step guide that overwhelms your online search. Check below for valuable resources to kickstart your Print on Demand journey and follow for further insights.

Stay tuned for upcoming detailed narratives unveiling the path I undertook to establish my art store for online sales.

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Please see below for some helpful resources to begin your Print on Demand journey and follow for more insights.

Redbubble for Artists

Redbubble Print on Demand for Artists

Shopify for your Print on Demand Website

Shopify Start a Print on Demand Business

Printify's your buddy in getting your art on cool stuff to sell online.

Printify for seamless Print on Demand integration

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