Visualise my art in your home

Visualise my art in your home

Hey everyone! I thought I would make a quick blog about an app I have just included on my website called "Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews".

One of the trickiest parts of selling art online is helping customers imagine how your art will look on their walls. That’s where the Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews app comes in – and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer.

How Does It Work?

Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews lets my customers select their choice of art, they simply click the button and follow the onscreen instructions, then overlay the artwork onto their wall. It’s like magic! They can see exactly how your art fits into their home, making their decision a whole lot easier.

Why Is It Important?

Visualizing art in a specific space can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. With this app, you’re giving your customers the confidence to buy, knowing your art will look perfect in their homes.

How Can Customers Use It on My Website?

Integrating this tool into your site is seamless. The support response you receive from the Nvzn Easy ARt Preview team is very quick. So if you do have questions they get back to you promptly. I had a question about the width of the button on my product page and was sent some code with the instructions to quickly solve the problem. So it's not as if you just download the app and have to work out the installation nitty gritties on your own.

My customers can simply select a piece of wall art they like, click the "View On Your Wall" button and follow the instructions on the app to see which wall the art looks the best on. It basically projects a 3D image of my art on their phone onto the wall they have chosen, they can move it to the ideal spot and voila – a real-time preview. This not only improves their shopping experience but also boosts your sales and cuts down on customer regret. Win-win!

My Experience

Since adding Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews to my website, I’ve seen a noticeable uptick in customer engagement and satisfaction. It’s easy to set up, no coding required, and works across all devices. Plus, the social sharing feature is a nice bonus, letting customers show off their new wall art to friends, potentially driving even more sales your way.


If you’re serious about selling art online, you need to give your customers the best possible experience. Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews does just that. It’s user-friendly, affordable, and can really enhance your online presence. I highly recommend giving it a try. Both on my website and if you are selling wall art or any type of product that is placed on a flat surface - try the app out.
Check it out here!

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