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Explorer. Central Park New York United States with and without white border

Explorer. Central Park New York United States with and without white border

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of New York's Central Park with the captivating digital artwork titled "Explorer." This artwork showcases a young boy lost in his imagination, standing in front of an amusement park, brimming with dreams of adventure. Rest assured, the following listing fully adheres to Facebook's digital content policy.


  • Includes 2 high-resolution files at 300 DPI
  • Offers a 3:1 ratio with and without a border option
  • Instant download immediately after payment
  • Suitable for printing at home, local print shops, or through online printing services
  • Provides an affordable and convenient wall art solution

Benefits: The "Explorer" digital artwork is perfect for individuals who adore Central Park, New York, or have a penchant for adventurous themes. It presents an affordable and convenient way to adorn your walls with captivating visuals. The high-resolution files guarantee exceptional print quality, infusing any room with a sense of fun and uniqueness.

Usage: Upon purchase, you can instantly receive the 2 high-resolution JPEG files of the "Explorer" digital artwork. The files are available in a 3:1 ratio, both with and without a white border. Scale the files to print sizes of 18x6", 24x8", and 36x12". Print them at home using your personal printer, visit a local print shop, or make use of an online printing platform.

Quality Assurance: The "Explorer" digital artwork is meticulously crafted with a 300 DPI resolution, ensuring outstanding printing quality. However, please be aware that slight color variations may occur between your computer monitor and the final print due to calibration differences.


  • 2 high-resolution JPEG files at 300 DPI in the following size:
    • 2x 36x12" (3:1 Ratio) files with and without border

Add a dash of adventure to your walls with the captivating "Explorer" digital artwork. Download and print the high-resolution files at home or through a local print shop to enjoy affordable and top-notch wall art that will transport you to the enchanting world of Central Park. Available in our Digital Art Collection.

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